14 September 2017 – webinar “How to become an expert”

NAA specialists organized a webinar “How to become an expertfor representatives of educational and research organizations – candidates for establishing the powers of Rosobrnadzor’s experts engaged in carrying out external reviews of educational organizations.

NAA’s Deputy Director, Elena M. Efimova, opened the webinar. The Legal Adviser of the Regulatory and Personnel Support Department, Sergey Ruzaev acquainted the participants with the normative and legal support of the state accreditation procedure. Svetlana Vekua, Deputy Head of the Department for the Support of Accreditation Procedures, told about the procedure of expert panel’s work during external review, the powers of the expert panel’s head and members. Elena V. Zabolotskaya, Head of the Expert Relations Department, informed the participants about the qualification requirements to the experts involved in conducting external reviews as well as the Code of an Expert. The report of Olga Zaitseva, Analyst of the Expert Relations Department, was devoted to the procedure for certification of experts engaged in external reviews. Elena Bychkova, Engineer of the Expert Relations Department, spoke about contract relations with experts.

At the end of the webinar NAA’s leading specialists answered the participants’ questions.