A practice-oriented seminar “Preparation for state accreditation of educational activities: filling out an application, requirements for the attached set of documents” was held

On September 9, a practice-oriented seminar was held

On September 9, 2022, NAA’s representatives held a practice-oriented seminar devoted to the topical issues of preparation for state accreditation of educational activities. The participants learned about the main stages of filling out an application for state accreditation and the requirements for the attached set of documents.

The seminar was opened by Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director. Ms Izmaylova congratulated the audience on the new academic year and emphasized the practical importance of holding such events for participants of educational organizations. In her speech, she also drew attention to the main renovation in the state accreditation procedure and wished fruitful work at the seminar.

From the speakers’ reports, the event participants learned about the current changes in the regulatory and legal support of the state accreditation procedure. The seminar attendees received practical recommendations on how to fill out an application and data forms on the delivery of study programs, as well as how to work with the organization's personal account in the IS SA system.

NAA’ specialists answered the audience questions and summed up the seminar results.

NAA thanks all participants for the productive work at the seminar! We invite you to take part in NAA’s future events.