Annual seminar organized by NACBE

April 04-05, 2019 NAA’s representatives conducted a seminar for independent experts to be involved in the state accreditation procedure of study programs.

The specialists from Moscow, Vladimir, St. Petersburg, Orel, Samara, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk took part in the seminar.

Elena M. Efimova, NAA’s Deputy Director, welcomed the participants.

The main issues of the seminar:

  • external review and normative and legal regulations of the state accreditation procedure;
  • interaction of an educational organization and expert panel during the external review procedure;
  • changes in the external review procedure;
  • methodology of study programs’ assessment in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education, verification of the information reliability;
  • peculiarities of state accreditation of study programs (secondary vocational education and training level (sVET), PhD level);
  • development of reporting documents based on the external review results;
  • typical errors in filling out the reporting documents based on the external review results.

The seminar’s participants were awarded a Certificate of Training under the theme: “State accreditation of educational activities”. During the meeting, they were also interviewed and E-tested. Those who had passed the interview and E-testing successfully got NACBE’s expert certificate approved by NACBE’s Bureau.


NACBE – the National Accreditation Council of Business and Management Education.

The association of unions and organizations whose activities are aimed at the development and implementation of methods and standards for management and quality assurance of study programs for business and management.