Further Vocational Training

On October 23-25, 2019, NAA’s staff conducted a training session on Further Vocational Training Program (FVTP) "Development and implementation of a basic study program in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards’ (FSES) requirements". The event was hosted by Financial University (The Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education 'Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation).

Ekaterina A. Kameneva, Vice-Rector for the Development of Educational Programs, welcomed the participants.

Lemka S. Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, presented the report “The changes in normative and legal support of the state accreditation procedure of educational activities”.

Elena M. Efimova, NAA’s Deputy Director, spoke about modern tools for assessing the quality of educational activities and the basic requirements for internal quality assurance.

The program is aimed at improving the professional competencies of educational organizations’ officials engaged design and implementation of basic educational programs in accordance with FSES, in matters of preparing documents for state accreditation of educational activities.

The advantages of studying in NAA’ further vocational training programs are the relevance of the programs’ topics; access to programs’ presentations; the ability to receive information from NAA’s leading specialists and Rosobrnadzor’s best experts in the field of state accreditation and supervision activities.