Integrated Security – 2019

On June 6, 2019, a forum was held in the framework of the International Salon of Security Equipment "Integrated Security - 2019" under the theme "Prospects and Development Path of Vocational Education in the Field of Life Security."

The forum was organized for the first time within the framework of the International Salon of Security Equipment "Integrated Security - 2019". The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations has provided a unique platform for higher and secondary vocational educational organizations for active dialogue, exchange of experience and cooperation in the training of specialists for study program “Technosphere Security”.

The event was attended by representatives of the State Duma of RF, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor, Rosobrnadzor, as well as the heads of leading educational organizations. E.Efimova, NAA’s Deputy Director, told the forum participants on evaluation of education quality and the important role of state accreditation in educational activities.

Alexander Chupriyan, the First Deputy Head of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations, opened the meeting. In his address he said, “We believe that everyone has a lot of questions on the training of specialists in the field of fire security. We suppose that because of the search for optimal solutions, we have come to the fact that adjustments are required for the educational process. This should be done tactfully and competently.”

The forum participants noted that graduates do not only have to master the theory of the acquired profession, but also be ready to apply their knowledge in practice. It applies both to graduates from universities and from secondary vocational organizations.

In addition, the effectiveness of training in educational institutions will be based on the employer's satisfaction with the graduate. In particular, The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations should present the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of education in its related professional universities.