July 4-5, 2022 training on the program "State regulation of educational activities" has been conducted

The first day of training on the further professional training (FPT) program.

On July 4, 2022, a two-day seminar as part of an advanced course began its work. The event was hosted by Russian Technological University (MIREA). The main goal of such events is to improve professional competencies of the employees engaged in educational activities in matters of licensing, state control and supervision as well as state accreditation of educational activities.

The first day of the event was attended by Rosobrnadzor’s representatives, NAA’s Heads and leading experts, representatives of Russian universities who have successfully undergone the accreditation procedure under the new model of state accreditation. The information on the proposed topics was very demanded in connection with the changes in the legislation system.

The work was opened with a welcoming speech by Stanislav Kudzh, MIREA’s Rector. He noted the great importance of such events for HEIs’ representatives in connection with the updated legal support. Mr Kudzh thanked Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, NAA’s specialists for organizing and conducting the seminar and spoke about the latest achievements of the university.

The event was continued by Olga Yavkina, Head of the Department of Public Services and Digital Transformation of Rosobrnadzor, with a report on current changes in the regulatory and legal support of state accreditation of educational activities. Ms Olga Yavkina drew the listeners' attention to the relevant documents in licensing, state accreditation that have come into force or should come into force in the near future.

Ms Izmaylova told in detail about the change in the state accreditation procedure and the prerequisites for its creation. NAA’s Director emphasized the priority of improving the assessment of the education quality and accreditation indicators in the system of state regulation of educational activities.

The seminar continued with the reports on assessment tools creation and their importance for external and internal evaluation as well as the issues of licensing, control and supervision of higher education.

Mikhail Petropavlovsky, NAA’s Deputy Director-Director of the branch, told the audience about the requirements for an educational organization’s website structure and the main errors in its design. The participants got acquainted with the issues of the university website updating in modern conditions and received recommendations on the most effective use of digital marketing tools to build a strategy for the export of educational services.

The first day of the seminar ended with summing up of the results and answering the audience questions.