NAA’s seminar devoted to accreditation of educational activities in Russia was held in Pushkin

20-21.05.2022 seminar in Pushkin-city

On May 20, 2022, NAA organized a seminar as part of the further vocational training programme "Accreditation of educational activities in the Russian Federation". The event was hosted by St.Petersburg State Agrarian University. The seminar was aimed at improving the competencies of HEIs’ employees‘ in preparing and undergoing external quality assessment.

The seminar was attended by NAA’s heads and leading specialists, representatives of the executive authorities and National Accreditation Agencies from the Republic of Belarus and Uzbekistan, the heads from the Russian society "Knowledge", representatives from the Association for Engineering Education of Russia, universities as well as certified experts of Rosobrnadzor.

Vitaly Morozov, the Rector of St. Petersburg Agrarian University, opened the first day of the seminar. Then, Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, delivered a report on the issues of accreditation in the education system. She highlighted the increased attention to internal and external assessment of the education quality. She also thanked the participants for their interest and wished productive work at the event.

During the seminar, the representatives from Belarus and Uzbekistan shared their experience in conducting external quality assurance procedures in their countries. The seminar also covered the issues of accreditation of specialists in the field of medicine, pedagogy and engineering in Russian universities.

At the end of the first day work, NAA’s representatives answered the audience’s questions.

National Accreditation Agency thanks all the participants for their interest and productive work at the seminar!