Practice-Oriented Seminar

February 07, 2019 NAA held the practice-oriented seminar entitled “The preparation for the state accreditation of educational activities. Filling out the application for state accreditation. Requirements to the package of documents”.

Lemka S. Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, addressed the meeting and made welcoming remarks. NAA’s leading staff members E. V. Avtenyeva, Head of the Automated Data Processing Department; Svetlana A. Vekua, Deputy Head of the Department for the support of the Accreditation Procedure, D.Savelyev, Deputy Head of the Technical and Database Support Department continued the statements.

The seminar was devoted to the following issues: preparation of the package of documents for state accreditation; practical recommendations for filling out various applications for state accreditation; identifying typical mistakes, the procedure of formation and submission of the electronic application and the documents attaching to it for state accreditation, practical recommendations for working with the Personal Account of the organization in the CIS SA system, interaction of an educational organization and expert panel during the state accreditation procedure.

At the end of the seminar, NAA’s leading staff members answered the participants’ questions.

E.Efimova, NAA’s Deputy Director, made the concluding remarks.