Practice-Oriented Seminar was held at the National Accreditation Council of Business and Management Education (NACBE)

The practice-oriented seminar «Current issues of state accreditation of educational activities» was held by NAA on April 24-25, 2018

The seminar was organized in accordance with NAA’s timetable for conducting training activities by agreement with Rosobrnadzor. NAA’s heads and leading staff, Rosobrnadzor’s experts, and representatives of major universities took part in the event.

The seminar program included the following issues: state accreditation in the system of education quality evaluation, the structure of the official website of an educational organization, use of the information presented on it during the state accreditation procedure and monitoring of the education system, based on the updated recommendations of 2017.

NAA’s specialists spoke about the procedure for conducting state accreditation of educational activities and the main stages of preparation for the procedure, the interaction of the organization caring out educational activities and the expert panel during external review.

At the practical training courses, the participants discussed the following aspects: the requirements for filling out an application for state accreditation; analysis of common mistakes; practical recommendations; the procedure of formation and submission of the electronic application and the attaching documents for state accreditation in the Personal Account of the organization; audit of study programs.