Rosobrnadzor held a meeting on reforming the state regulation of educational activities

On January 20, 2022, Rosobrnadzor organized a round table meeting

Anzor Muzaev, the Rosobrnadzor’s Head, opened the event. He summed up the work for 2021 and outlined the reforming stages for state regulation of educational activities.

  1. Kochetova, Rosobrnadzor’s Deputy Head, O. Yavkina, the Head of the Department of Public Services and Digital Transformation, O. Yakimchuk, the Head of the Department of Supervision and Control over Organizations Carrying out Educational Activities, explained the issues of licensing, state accreditation as well as federal state control (supervision) in the field of education in the framework of changes in Russian legislation.

The representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education spoke about the aspects of legal regulation and methodological support for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in a graduate school.

For reference. From March 1, 2022 accreditation of universities becomes permanent. Instead of it, a special monitoring of the education quality against to eight accreditation indicators is introduced.

More detailed information on the changes in state accreditation will be presented at NAA’s seminar "New in state accreditation of educational activities" to be held on February 17-18, 2022.