Seminar for training of student experts

Within the framework of the seminar “Forming an Effective Model of the Regional Public Observation System”, a second seminar for training of student experts involved in the state accreditation procedures was held in Moscow On 26 - 27 October 2017.

The seminar was attended by 45 listeners from 19 regions of the Russian Federation. All of them study at universities, are engaged in the activity of student government bodies.

The experts of the seminar were: Elena M. Efimova - PhD of History, associate professor, Deputy Director of NAA; Denis M. Shabanov - Deputy Head of the Expert Relations Department of NAA; Artem A. Fortunatov – PhD of Pedagogics, associate professor, acting accreditation expert of the RYU.

Participants analyzed the legislation on accreditation of educational activities, worked with the topic of international education quality standards, studied the procedures of student review. After the training program the listeners underwent the certification procedure, which included a solution of the applied expert task, testing and interview with NAA and RYU specialists. A total of 20 new experts were certified. The next seminar is planned for December 2017.