The state accreditation procedure of educational activities

February 14, 2019 the practice-oriented seminar “The procedure of state accreditation of educational activities” was held in 33 Shabolovka Str.

Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, opened the seminar with the report “Improvement of the state accreditation procedure of educational activities”.

E.Avtenyeva, NAA’s Head of the Automated Data Processing Department, told about the requirements to the package of documents for state accreditation of educational activities.

D.Savelyev, NAA’s Deputy Head of the Technical and Database Support Department, gave practical recommendations on the transition of the state accreditation procedure into an electronic form.

Nadezhda Matukhina, Analyst of the Innovation Development Department, informed about the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education (FSES of HE) when preparing and carrying out state accreditation.