Training "Evaluation of an educational organization’s activities" was held in Tomsk

NAA’s representatives conducted training in Tomsk

On November 24-26, 2022, the training under the professional development program "Evaluation of an educational organization’s activities" was organized by NAA. The event was hosted by the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. The training was aimed at developing the tools to improve the education quality and creating conditions for teachers’ professional growth.

At the seminar, the audience was provided with the up-to-date information on evaluation of the results of mastering the study program in the framework of state accreditation, independent quality assessment and control and supervisory activities. The seminar continued with reports on the requirements for the formation of assessment materials during professional and public accreditation, the calculation of personnel indicators.

Rosobrnadzor’s leading experts shared their experience in conducting an internal evaluation of the education quality and in preparing for state accreditation in accordance with the new model.

At the second day of training, a practical session was held devoted to assessment materials for the diagnostic work.

At the end of training, the participants were awarded certificates of the advanced training based on the final certification results.