Education in Russia

According to Article 10 of the Federal Law of 29.12.2012 № 273-FL “On Education in the Russian Federation” the system of education in the Russian Federation includes:

  • federal state educational standards and federal state requirements, educational standards, study programmes of different types, levels and/or fields;
  • organizations carrying out educational activities, academic staff, students and under-age students’ parents/ legal representatives;
  • federal state bodies and state governmental authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation responsible for state management in education, and local government authorities performing management in education, consultative, advisory and other bodies established by these authorities;
  • organizations providing the support of educational activities and education quality evaluation;
  • associations of legal entities, employers and their associations, civic associations performing educational activities.

Education is divided into general education, professional education, further education and professional training providing the opportunity to exercise the right for education throughout life (lifelong learning). General education and professional education have several levels.

In the Russian Federation there are the following levels of general education:

Professional education levels:

Further education includes such subtypes as further education of children and adults and further professional training. 

The system of education provides the opportunity for lifelong learning by means of basic study programs and further study programmes as well as the opportunity to master several study programmes simultaneously and that they take into account a person’s previous education, qualification, practical experience while studying.


In the Russian Federation there are basic study programmes delivered at different levels of general and professional education and further study programs within further education.

Basic study programmes: