IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR-EUR)

We invite to take part in the IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR-EUR) conducted by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) from May 15 to June 15, 2020.

IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR-EUR) might increase the recognition, authority and reputation of the HEIs, expand cooperation opportunities, attract talented foreign students, determine the level of universities and create a worthy competition in the global market of educational services. IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR-EUR) position the education quality and intellectual potential of HEIs in the international market of educational services. Entering the Ranking and getting on the Top List is an indicator of a HEI’s high competitiveness. The Ranking is not only a guide for applicants and parents when choosing a university, but can be also used by employers, the government and the academic community.   

The methodology of IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR-EUR) is designed based on digital technologies and includes four indicators: HEI’s academic reputation, quality of the students, concentration of the scientific potential of the university and its internationalization.

To participate in IAAR Eurasian University Ranking (IAAR-EUR), please email an official letter of application signed by the head of the university to the following address: rating.iaar@gmail.com.