NAA’s representatives held a practice-oriented seminar on topical issues devoted to the preparation for state accreditation

April 8, 2022 – a practice-oriented seminar

On April 8, 2022, NAA held a practice-oriented seminar. The event was devoted to the main stages of preparing for the state accreditation procedure, including filling out an application for state accreditation as well as compliance with the requirements for the attached set of documents.

Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, opened the seminar with a welcoming speech. She addressed the main updates in the state accreditation procedure and wished the participants good and fruitful work at the seminar.

NAA’s staff further made presentations on the preparation of an application and a set of documents by an educational organization for state accreditation, drawing attention to the change in the application form for state accreditation.

During the event, the participants learned about the main changes in the regulatory and legal support of the accreditation procedure and received practical recommendations on filling out forms for information on study programs delivery.

The event finished with the answers to the listeners’ questions.

We would like to thank the event participants for their interest and productive work and invite to take part in NAA’s planned events!