On February 17-18, 2022, a practical seminar devoted to the changes in the state accreditation procedure was held

A two-day seminar was held by the National Accreditation Agency

On February 17-18, NAA’s representatives held a practical seminar on the main changes in the procedure for state accreditation of educational activities.

The first day of the seminar "New in state accreditation of educational activities" was opened by Alexey Yemelyanov, NAA’s Deputy Director. In his address to the audience, Mr. Yemelyanov noted the great practical significance of these events for representatives of educational organizations, and also spoke about a new model of the procedure for state accreditation of educational activities.

The seminar participants further learned about the new requirements for an educational organization’s official website as well as the information presented on it, received practical recommendations for filling out an application and forms for study programs implementation.

At the end of the first day meeting, the participants asked their questions to the seminar’s speakers.

The second day of the seminar was devoted to the issues of accreditation monitoring, new forms and mechanisms for confirming the compliance of the education quality with accreditation indicators, the procedure for conducting external review against accreditation indicators, as well as modernizing information systems in accordance with the new requirements.

At the end of the seminar, the speakers responded to the participants’ questions and summed up the work results.

We thank the participants for their interest and productive work at the seminar and invite them to take part in the planned NAA’s events in the future!