ENQA Board made its decision to reconfirm NAA as a member of ENQA for five years

The ENQA Board made a decision to reconfirm NAA’s membership status

On March 4, 2021, the Board of the European Association for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (ENQA) made a decision to reconfirm National Accreditation Agency (NAA) as a member of ENQA for five years. NAA is considered to be in compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG, 2015) and is admitted/reconfirmed as a member of ENQA.

The external review coordinated by ENQA was conducted in October, 2020 with an online site visit. Special work was undertaken by NAA’s specialists to prepare necessary documentation in accordance with the ENQA’s requirements.

For reference: The condition for full membership in ENQA is the compliance with the ESG’s requirements. The compliance is assessed on the basis of quality assurance agencies’ self-evaluation reports and external reviews of their activities, specially organized and coordinated by ENQA. Reviews are carried out by expert panels consisting of independent European experts representing quality assurance of higher education.