NAA’s Director took part in the annual 2020 Professors’ Forum "National Projects and the Professorial Community"

The 2020 Professors’ Forum

On November 18, 2020 Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, took part in the thematic session "Improving the quality of higher education FSES 3 ++: problems of implementation and integration with professional standards. Professional public accreditation, independent assessment of education quality" within the annual 2020 Professors' Forum "National projects and the professorial community".

Ms Izmaylova provided the event participants with information on changing the regulatory legal documentation governing the procedure for state accreditation and independent assessment of students’ training. She also emphasized the distinctions of independent assessment, professional - public accreditation and state accreditation. The NAA’s Director pointed out to the difference in the substantial and organizational components of these procedures: peculiarities in regulatory legal documentation, procedure goals, evaluation tools, etc. 

For reference: The First Professors Forum was held in 2018. The purpose of the Professors' Forum is to unite representatives of various scientific and pedagogical communities, public authorities, whose activities are aimed at the development and improvement of education and science.