On February 5-9, 2021, the FVT program "State regulation of educational activities" was held

The FVT program in St. Petersburg State University

On February 5-9, 2021, the National Accreditation Agency (NAA) organized on-line learning seminar on the further vocational training program (the FVT program) for representatives of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "St. Petersburg State University". The event was aimed at improving professional competencies in matters of state accreditation, licensing, as well as state control and supervision.

Presenting the information on the state regulation of educational activities, Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, focused on the importance of meeting the legislation requirements. Concluding her speech, she thanked the representatives of St. Petersburg State University for their interest in holding this event and wished the participants fruitful work at the seminar.

NAA’s leading experts and Rosobrnadzor’s experts delivered the reports about the latest changes in the regulatory legal acts governing education activity; an independent quality assessment of students’ training; the rules for posting documents on an educational organization’s official website and the modernization of state accreditation of educational activities.

Summing up the meeting results, the participants highlighted the relevance of such events for educational organizations and thanked the NAA’s specialists for the content and practical significance of the information presented.