Training of experts from the Medical League of Russia within the framework of the conference "Week of Medical Education - 2021"

NAA’s participation in the conference "Week of Medical Education - 2021"

On April 1, 2021, the National Accreditation Agency conducted training for experts from the Rosobrnadzor’s certified expert organization "Medical League of Russia". The practice-oriented seminar "Implementation of the main approaches to the accreditation procedures of study programs in the context of digitalization" was held within the framework of the XII All-Russian conference with international participation "Week of Medical Education - 2021".

Lemka Izmaylova, NAA’s Director, took part in the training seminar as a moderator. In her presentation, she told about the innovations in the state accreditation procedure in terms of regulatory legal documents, noted the advantages of undergoing state accreditation in electronic form. Nowadays, electronic application is increasingly used by educational organizations: since 2018, the number of electronic applications has increased significantly compared to paper applications. In her speech, NAA’s Director stressed the importance of compliance with all the requirements for the procedure of state accreditation: proper paperwork, posting relevant and objective information on the organization’s website. The report also touched upon the issues of an independent quality assessment of students’ training, the inclusion of educative components in study program, the development of international cooperation. At the end of her speech, Ms Izmaylova thanked the experts of the Medical League of Russia for their high professionalism and deep interest in improving the quality of Russian medical education. In 2020, despite the colossal workload due to the difficult epidemiological situation, experts carried out the necessary work on the state accreditation procedure in a regular mode.

Tatiana Bibik, NAA’s Deputy Director, made a presentation on the methodology for conducting external review. In her speech, she presented detailed information on the organization of a working group of experts, taking into account changes in the documentation regarding the procedure of state accreditation, the specifics of assessing the level of students’ training in accordance with the current FSES.

Denis Shabanov, NAA’s Head of the Information Support and Event Organization Department, told in detail about the work of the expert panel during the external review without a site-visit using on-line technologies at the places of experts’ residence.

For reference: The conference "Medical Education in Russia" has been held since 2010. During the event topical issues of higher medical education are discussed; long-term plans for education and training of healthcare professionals are developed.